Drug Development is a Journey

Let’s get there faster together

Our team searches the globe with the goal of identifying potentially transformative medicines for cancer patients.
Experts at mining the untapped well of discoveries made in countries such as China, Europe, South Korea and Japan,
we forge strategic collaborations and work closely with our partners as we develop these medicines to give
patients globally new treatment options.


We source scientifically validated first and/or best-in-class discoveries from around the globe


Partner & Collaborate

We establish partnerships to license the candidate and work closely with the innovators to maximize its therapeutic and market potential

Partner & Collaborate


We are experts at expedient, efficient drug development, ushering product candidates rapidly through the clinic to approval for patients presently lacking treatment options

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Leveraging Global Discoveries, We Are
Building A Unique Handpicked Pipeline Grounded
In Innovative Science

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Phase 1b
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Our Leadership

We are industry leaders with proven track records of drug development and bringing
important medicines to market

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Our Drivers of Success

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  • Nichole Baio headshot

    Nichole Baio

    Sr. Clinical Trial Manager

    We are nimble, adaptable, collaborative and how we partner with other organizations makes us unique. We have accumulated the best people to help a drug product enter the global market.

  • Jessica Marroquin headshot

    Jessica Marroquin, J.D.

    Associate Director, Legal & Contracts

    We are set apart by our leaders, who share a commitment to fostering new talent. Driven by a desire to grow, they push and build confidence in the team.

  • Aditya Shukla headshot

    Aditya Shukla

    Director of Quality

    We work like a well-oiled machine. We are resourceful and innovative and employ risk-based decision making. We know how to move fast without putting patient safety at risk.